Mole-Be-Gone!Mole-Be-Gone Easy Effective Safe Affordable Non-toxic Mole Bait

The Easiest, Most Effective method to get rid of yard moles.


Tired of your lawn looking

like Swiss Cheese?


Why make a Mountain out of a Mole-Hill?

Put an end to those pesky moles

and begin to enjoy your yard and garden.

Now you can:

Get rid of yard moles


Get rid of lawn moles


With Mole-Be-Gone your mole troubles are over!

We designed our mole abatement system with the safety of your children and pets in mind. With Mole-Be-Gone, killing moles is easy. There is no mole poison, garden flooding, trapping moles, mole drowning, and no more moles.


We refuse to keep this secret to ourselves.

Now you can benefit from our system

and say good-bye to your mole problems

just like we did.


Toxic Baits (icky!)

Traps (ouch, my finger!)

Oils (pee-yewy)

Powders (ah-choo!)

Pitch Forks (gross!)

Batteries (that corrode)

When using our easy to follow instructions

you'll be done in a jiffy, no mess, no fuss.


This is NOT a Repellant

 Don't drive them to your neighbors, they'll just come back!

Many repellant methods are a temporary fix.

Pesticide free

Organic Gardeners love this method,

 because Mole-Be-Gone is not toxic

to their garden plants and soil.


This is a Safe, Non-Toxic method

that will Eliminate your Moles.

We care about the safety of your pets and your family.

When using our system there are no restrictions

or concern about being on or around the area.


So, what is the Process?

Simply follow the easy-to follow directions in
our instruction booklet
and apply the bait as described.

The moles will consume the bait.

That's it - your mole troubles are over!

This product is effectively formulated
to get rid of yard moles
and lawn moles


It's so Easy and Safe,

my 10-year-old daughter can do it!

easy mole bait

If Sarah can do this, so can You!

Watch This Video and see How Simple It Is!


Pesticide free mole bait


With our system, there is no mixing or spraying required!

We designed our system to be safe, effective and easy to use.


Testimonial from Matthew...

"Right in the middle of planting a new lawn, our yard was attacked by moles. Within a week of using Mole-Be-Gone, there was no sign of new mole activity.

Thanks, Mole-Be-Gone, you saved our new lawn!"

Matthew R.



 looking garden Here's what you Get,


Our Mole-Be-Gone System

comes complete with:

red checkmark 8  Super-Charged Baits
1   Easy Applicator Tool
Step-By-Step Instructions
Online Support Resources

What are You Waiting For ?

Get your yard back NOW !

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plus shipping

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Get rid of your moles once and for all!

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Guaranteed mole bait


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